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This is the official World Wrestling Alliance 4 website.

   Our trainer, Lucha Underground's Dante Fox, also known for his remarkable independent career as AR Fox. Over the past decade, he has trained, wrestled, and held championships in seven countries, including Japan, China, England, Germany, and Chile.

   His career began in 2007, right here at the WWA4! After years of perfecting his craft here and in dojos all over the world, in 2015, the eager student decided to return to Atlanta to share his knowledge, technique, and the importance of safety, by becoming the head trainer of WWA4. By the new year, he ushered in a fresh perspective to the thriving school. With a great mind for the business and a fresh competitive curriculum, he's taken the World Wrestling Alliance 4 school to new heights.

   In 2016 he reached one of his lives goals of wrestling on international television. When he signed to Lucha Underground, airing every Wednesday at 8 pm on the El Rey Network. As it seemed to be one of his highest moments, things got even better, as March 2017 Lucha Underground became the only televised professional wrestling show to air on Netflix! Which means our trainer's wrestling reaches the largest audience in the world. So check out the first two complete seasons of Lucha Underground on Netflix, the largest streaming brand there is.


  • AAW Heritage Championship

  • CLL International All Star Championship

  • Tornea Sala de Campeones

  • CZW World Junior Heavyweight championship

  • CZW Wired TV Championship

  • Queen and King of the Ring (with Athena)

  • Dragon Gate USA Open the United Gate Championship

  • Dreamwave Alternative Championship

  • Evolve Championship​

  • Evolve Championship Tournament 2013

  • Style Battle Tournament 2011

  • FIP Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2011

  • SWA Tag Team Championship (with Moose)

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