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2018-2019 Achievements 
Austin Theory Won the: XWA, FIP, and the WWNLive Champions 
Defended his WWNLive Championship at Wrestlemania Axxess. (Signed with WWNlive January 2017)
December 15 2019 Theory became the EVOLVE Champion. Such an honor considerin, his trainer, AR FOX was the first ever EVOLVE Champion
Leon Ruff signed WWNLive contract 12/16/2018
Theory has been calling out The Undisputed Era for months...Adam Cole finally answered & they will be going one on one May 10th at EVOLVE 127

AC Mack made an appearance on NXT, against Dominik Dijakovic

Leon Ruff & AR FOX with Ayla & The SKulk have been making one hell of a Tag Team in EVOLVE, facing NXT superstars almost every show
Double D'Rose is taking over SHINE wrestling with dominant force
D'Rose has officially been added to the RISE roster & is set to face Joey Ryan in her first signed match 6/30/19
Adrien Alanis rollin' up on Josh Briggs before their singles match at EVOLVE 118. Check it out on WWNLive.com 
After making their WWNLive 
debut at Style Battle, The SKuLK  
has been climbing up the ranks.
Ayla Fox made her SHINE Wrestling Debut and received a spot on the roster
AR FOX, Ayla Fox and The SKULK have become a fan favorite with WWNLive Family. Showcasing a great performance at EVOLVE  116  against the NXT Street Profits

Bobby Flaco won the WWNLive ACW Cruiserweight Championship

AR FOX and students hit the road!

Over the weekend AR FOX took to the road with several of his top students for a CZW filled weekend. In a surprise to everyone Fox debuted in the Freelance arena during a special showcase representing CZW. CZW brought a crew to Chicago; Friday 07.08.2016 in a great competition against Freelance Wrestling. Even more of a shock was seeing our WWA4 Champion Austin Theory in that same match giving AR FOX quite the fight. Though he showcased some inpressive skills, he succumb to his trainer in what would be his debut for both companies.