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This is the official World Wrestling Alliance 4 website.

Want to join? Follow your dreams of being a pro-wrestler, referee, commentator, ring announcer, backstage interviewer? Join the World Wrestling Alliance 4! The WWA4 has been rated one of the best pro wrestling schools in the world. It is listed among the top professional wrestling schools on WWA4 is a very well-established, training facility. Eclipsing more than two decades of existence, it has produced many successful students. Some have gone on to have flourishing careers in WWE, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, New Japan and more! If you want a solid foundation and training that will give you a jump start ahead of the rest, come train at WWA4!  Since our trainer has an active independent career, WWA4 trainees have the opportunity to travel and meet the TOP independent promoters. WWA4 is an official training facility for WWNLive, home of WWN SHINE, Full Impact Pro and more. You can check out WWNLive on Instagram @WWNLive and


  • OPEN SINCE 1995

  • Opened up to 4 DAYS per week . Select weekend availability. (follow us on Twitter @WWA4ATL, for weekend training announcements.)

  • Two rings: one 20 foot and two 18 foot rings

  • WWA4 has enough ceiling height to fly

  • Guarantee ring time 

  • Connections to top independent wrestling promotions, where you can hone your skills.

  • Free shows every Thursday which are uploaded to our popular YOUTUBE channel. These matches have helped the WWA4 trainees travel and get bookings, every weekend.

  •  AGE: 18, however, 17 if GA resident, and parents sign consent paperwork.


  • WE TEACH: Mat wrestling, high flying,  lucha, announcing, refereeing, managing, valet, body-building, and promos

  • WANT TO GET IN SHAPE?: We help you with our FREE WEIGHT AREA

  • STANDARD CLASSES 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM: Monday-Wednesday. Thursday is show day.

  • WOMEN & MEN: Both are trained at the WWA4 

  • YEAR AROUND OPEN ENROLLMENT: You can start the same day you pay. 

  • You can leave & can come back at any time

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