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Enrollment Fees

WWA4 always has open enrollment! You can stop by during training hours 4:00PM-9:00PM any Monday-Wednesday. Thursday the Free show starts at 8:00PM LIVE on YouTube 


We offer two memberships:


A) $2,200.00:  6-month intensive training program.



B) $525.00:  6-day crash course. The 6-day crash course is equal to 2 weeks.

C) $3000.00 Payment plan: $500 due every two weeks. This payment DOES NOT depend on your attendance. Once you agree to a payment plan, $500 is due every two weeks. 1 missed payment will void the payment plan agreement. If your payment plan is voided, you must pay your remaining balance due to continue. 

You can start training any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. You can also sign up on a Thursday, at the free show, and start whenever you are ready.



-Paypal WWA4ATL@GMAIL.COM (noelectronic checks) 



-Money Orders made out to WWA4




Effective  March 9th 2023

This is the official World Wrestling Alliance 4 website.


Please ONLY apply 3 months in advance. 

If you have questions, please submit a contact form.
Not ready to apply, but you have questions? How can we help?

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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